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What the Az Shooting Has Taught Us

Posted on January 10th, 2011 by Ben Spera

The January 8th shooting in Tucson, Arizona was a tragic enough event in itself, but many of us were not prepared for what followed. Political opportunists, with no regard for the gravity of such a deplorable act, never skipped a beat- immediately blitzing opponents with accusations and attempts to pin liability on conservative pundits with no affiliation with the gunman whatsoever. At times their rhetoric seemed unreal, like a sick joke, I just could not believe the lack of logic and evidence in any of their allegations.

Once it was revealed that the gunman was not Conservative in any way, but exactly the opposite, they were no retractions, but more accusations. A proclaimed socialist with a love of the communist manifesto, he proclaimed himself an Atheist, and displayed pictures of himself burning the American flag as well as an adoration for Barack Obama. Liberals blamed conservative rhetoric and political positions for the hate that fueled this man’s killing spree. Michelle Malkin did a good job making a compilation of incredibly violent and hateful acts of propaganda put out by liberals. All of these much worse than anything I’ve seen some for the right.

Now this wasn’t just an uncoordinated barrage put on by random bloggers and internet extremists. This was repeated and disseminated by main stream media outlets. Most importantly it was provoked even further by the Arizona Sheriff responsible for the investigation. The man who is supposed to remain objective, and impartial through all of this was one of the most reprehensibly partisan.

What to do about this? It is really tempting to stoop to their level, to fire back with unsubstantiated claims. Lies are dishonorable, but people lie after all because lying is very effective. No need to confirm anything, stand up and look your enemy in the eye in front of everyone and call him a Nazi, a hateful, war-mongering racist. There’s no need to prove anything because the burden of proof is then automatically on the accused to clear his own name. An astoundingly simple and effective method of discrediting your opponent that the left has mastered.

Unfortunately, the good guy is always fighting up hill. It is something that just needs to be accepted. By no means should be just allow them to spew their nonsense, confront them and demand proof. But come to peace with the face that we are going to be at the disadvantage almost always. They have no rules nor logic to base their claims, while our entire battle is the preservation of order and logic in our society and government. We cannot abandon our core principled of responsibility and truth. If we do, pardon the cliche, but we are just like them.


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