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Disability is the New Welfare

Posted on July 17th, 2012 by Ben Spera

There’s an interesting article on Drudge Report today. According to the Senate Budget Committee, more Americans have enrolled in federal disability than found a job in the last quarter. I’ve had a beef with disability for a while. From personal experience, it seems people that are legitimately disabled bust their hump to stay employed and prove that their just as good as everyone else. The people I see on disability don’t seem any more disabled than the next guy who shows up to work every day. I hear ridiculous claims of unemployability due to being overweight, having ADD, too depressed to work, or ambiguous excuses of they “just don’t get along with others.”

However, I’m pretty sure if we yanked these “benefits” 90% of these guys would magically start showing up to work once the checks stop coming and their pants start getting loose on them. Very few people want to work, and just about anyone who doesn’t like their job can come up with a million excuses. A key part of being an adult is sucking it up and doing it anyway, even when you don’t feel like it. Fifty years ago these people wouldn’t have had a choice, and I guarantee they would have been working to keep food in their mouth. It’s also sickeningly common how many of these guys pull full disability but then work 35 hours a week, the maximum allowed before their disability gets cut. If you are capable of working 35 hours a week how the hell are you disabled?

It’s also frustrating how many of these people working and collecting disability make considerably more than the next guy busting his hump at a blue collar job, too honest to cheat the system at the expense of everyone else.

You are not disabled because you feel all the jobs available to you are beneath you. Nothing is beneath anyone. There is no royalty here in the United States. You deserve nothing but the paycheck you worked for. If you not satisfied with the work available, go to night school and broaden your horizons. It’s not impossible because I guarantee there are people much worse off than you that are doing it right now.

Sometimes life is hard, sometimes you won’t get 8 hours of sleep and you’ll wake up tired. Good. That means you’ve earned something. The harder you work, the more you bust your ass, the more likely you are to succeed and move up. When an someone does give up and hops on the gravy train, that person is taking money out of another guy’s pocket. Most likely it’s the pocket of one of the few remaining honest guys left… working full time, taking night classes and raising a family.

So enjoy your “benefits” while you have them. Pretty soon we’re all gonna get tired of getting up every morning to go to work, losing half our check to taxes, then losing even more of our money to every other tax they pound the working guy with along the way to pay for everyone else.

Being fat / lazy is not a disability.

Watching you, an overweight 30 year old, speeding around in the scooter at Walmart while the 80 y/o WWII vet can still push a cart and not run into everyone makes me think you are lazy and weak. I’m not sorry if that hurts your feelings.

Veterans fight to stay in the Marines after getting their legs blown off, and you’re completely disabled because you have ADD? Yea, ok.


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