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This is No Trayvon Martin

Posted on April 27th, 2013 by Ben Spera

tumblr_m1qbhsTwki1r299qgo1_500 Despite the media’s comparison to the Trayvon Martin shooting, the shooting of 68 year old Kenneth Chamberlain, Sr. is a puzzling story that is hard to justify. Mr. Chamberlain wasn’t a truant, troubled teen, or anything other than a well respected, upstanding American citizen. He was a U.S. Marine veteran and retired correctional officer. Most importantly, unlike the Martin fiasco, Mr. Chamberlain’s story is recorded ver batim on tape, thanks to his Life Aid medical alert system installed in his home.

From the hateful racial slurs, to the officers needlessly mocking his military service, there is nothing respectable about the officers’ bullying of this innocent man. There is so much wrong with this incident you might as well just read the article.

Source: The Guardian, Wikipedia


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