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Favorite Twitter App for Linux

Posted on January 26th, 2014 by Ben Spera

hototFor far too long I’ve settled with Twitter’s website when I was using my desktop computer. This is because the universal social programs for linux (e.g. Gwibber and Pidgin) always looked sloppy and cluttered to me. I put effort into maintaining a certain chi on my desktop and I wanted something that matched my theme. Eventually, I opted for Tweet Deck, which had more features and a clean look but it required me to use the Chrome web browser and to have Chrome open in order to access Twitter. I prefer to use the open-source Firefox browser.

Eventually I did some searching, tried some apps and found my favorite. It’s name is Hotot, and it’s clean, streamlined interface reminds me somewhat of an Android app. It’s an advanced Twitter client that looks great with Gnome 3. It authenticated with Twitter and was up and running within minutes. I use Fedora 20 with Gnome 3.10, so if your specs differ from mine your mileage may vary. Hotot is available in the official Fedora repos which makes installation as simple as it can get.

Hotot is well developed with an extensive set of preferences that allow you to customize it. It also comes with several themes to make the app match your desktop or GTK theme. When windowed is works like a simpler client just displaying your timeline, but when maximized it allows you to view multiple timelines in separate columns, much like Tweet Deck and other more advanced clients. The only down side is it doesn’t allow you to view images in the app like Corebird, it instead opens them in the browser which is bit of a pain.

I would also like to mention another client named Corebird that, though not as powerful, was a nice little app with a polished UI. I liked it alot, it just lacked some of the features of the more powerful Hotot. Corebird was the most stable and quickest of all the clients I tried. It’s also available in Fedora’s official repositories and is still being actively developed so many of it’s shortcoming may be addressed in the future.


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