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British Princes Put King and Queen Obama to Shame

Posted on March 2nd, 2014 by Ben Spera

image While our country’s self-appointed American monarchs “were on their 23rd vacation or so, the heir to the throne of [Great] Britain and his little brother Harry spent the day on the southwestern coast of England sandbagging a burst wall to protect the property of lowly British citizens.

“For the entire world to see, as they slogged through the mud working next to ordinary citizens, William and Harry were emulating their late mother, Princess Diana.  Also setting a high bar for their heirs were “Let’s Move!” Michelle and Barry “the Sandbagger” , who spent the day knee-deep in powdery snowflakes and sand traps.

“Interestingly, neither prince chose to tour swamped properties from a helicopter.  More importantly, the brothers had nothing to gain; British monarchy doesn’t need to pretend to befriend chubby Republican governors before an election, further unpopular policy, politick, or screen for potential victims to exploit in a fundraising ad.”

Source: American Thinker


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