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Madd Struggles to Stay Alive

Posted on June 25th, 2014 by Ben Spera

Stock_maddWhen I was a kid Mother Against Drunk Driving was huge. You saw their logo and name everywhere. Now despite all the DUI legislation they have passed, they refuse to quit and continue to push for more. The original founder, Candy Lightner, left the organization because it was becoming too “neo-prohibitionist”, later lobbying on behalf of the American Beverage Institute to fight legislation lowering the legal DUI limit to .08% BAC.

I’m by no means an advocate of drunk driving, but the system MADD has created over the last 30 years, where one arbitrary number of .08 is supposed to be a fair evaluation that can be uniformly applied to over 310 million unique Americans, is absolutely ridiculous. The draconian penalties can nearly ruin a person’s life in cases where there was no victim, and penalize otherwise law-abiding citizens more harshly than perpetrators of domestic violence and child molestation.

Yet this once well-intended organization still cries for harsher penalties and more legislation. Maybe we need to just accept the fact that people will always make mistakes. Responding to a DUI with execution still won’t end drunk driving, so punishing good people who made a mistake with outrageously severe penalties only hurts the cause’s legitimacy.  MADD’s “never enough” attitude has completely alienated an organization who was once universally loved and supported.

Origin: Washington Times




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