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Bad News for Bigfoot Believers

Posted on July 12th, 2014 by Ben Spera

Bigfoot+believer+shares+hairs+3Another blow to the credibility of conspiracy theorists claims of the existence of the elusive Bigfoot has come from a prestigious university across the Atlantic. Oxford University’s Bryan Sykes, professor of human genetics and expert in ancient human DNA, gathered dozens of fur and hair samples from cryptozoologists from around the world. It took the geneticist over a year to acquire 36 hair samples from as far away as Bhutan, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Russia and the US.

The samples were identified using DNA sequencing, comparing them to known animals from the GenBank database. All of the samples were identified, even two that weren’t animals – a blade of grass and a strand of fiberglass. This latest experiment isn’t very likely to change many believers’ minds, but was still interesting nonetheless. One of the samples was a match for a 40,000 year old polar bear from the Norwegian Artic. Still, nothing revolutionary.

Source: RT


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