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Marine Corps Generals Openly Turning Against Obama

Posted on July 17th, 2014 by Ben Spera

Amos-ap_s640x430In an unprecedented act of open criticism of a sitting President, two 4-star Generals have publicly blasted President Obama’s policies. Several weeks ago Marine Corps General John Kelly, commander of U.S. Southern Command, first spoke out about the President’s border crisis, and now the Marine Corps top commander, Gen. James Amos, Marine Corps Commandant, publicly ridiculed President Obama’s handling of Iraq and the subsequent mess that ensued.

It is extremely rare, if not unheard of, for active military leadership to challenge a sitting President in this manner. It seems the President’s successive acts of disrespect and indifference towards veterans and active military might be culminating. Maybe even the political ranks of the General officer level have had their fill. With two Generals already out on the line, will more follow behind? Or will their fellow Generals stay behind guarding their shiny rank and the privileges that come with it? Only time will tell.

It’s definitely reassuring that a certain level of character within our military has survived Obama’s military purge which claimed countless respected leaders such as the legendary Marine General James “mad dog” Mattis. Unfortunately for Obama, after current commandant, General Amos leaves his post, he will be replaced by General Joe “fighting Joe” Dunford, who was considered by many to have been General Mattis’ right hand man and not one to walk away from a fight.

This should be good.

Source: Conservative Tribune, Washington Times

  • Denny

    We can still protect the oil fields so Red China can continue to buy all the crude oil from Iraq they need to run their manufacturing industries to supply all the junk the USA, Europe, and Japan buy from Red China. We don't have to protect Bagdad to keep the oil flowing to Red China. I do think Red China should help pay for the defense of the oil fields in Iraq—the second largest, cheapest to drill for, oil reserve in the world. I can't seem to find any direct benefit to the USA of using our tax payers money to the defense of any Iraqi city, including Bagdad. Red China, (a police state) is the only country benefitting from our past expenditure of money and lives in Iraq. Of course Halliburton investors did benefit enormously from our involvement in Iraq from the tax payers of the USA during our occupation until 2011. Maybe if we stay out of Iraq the Red Chinese will defend Bagdad and the oil fields. Or if the crazy religious fanatic rebels take the oil fields, the Red Chinese will be high and dry. Then we with our present glut of oil from our own land and Canada's oil will supply our new manufacturing boom that will take place since our traitor corporations that have been outsourcing our manufacturing to Red China for 20 plus years now will be forced to start manufacturing in the USA again, and probably unfortunately, Mexico.


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