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Suspects in an Fbi Fraud Sting Are Led out of Fbi Headquarters to a Waiting Bus to Take Them to Their Arraignment.Of the four men the FBI helped frame, two of them died in prison, the other two spent over 30 years in prison before being exonerated. All four were convicted exclusively on the testimony of Joseph “The Animal” Barboza, a Boston mobster and hit man, who was working with the FBI. Barboza was later relocated to California where he committed several more murders under the FBI’s protection before being killed by the mob himself. Read more…

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25710McMinn County, Tennessee had a serious problem with political corruption and fraud for quite some time. While a good portion of the county’s men were overseas fighting in World War II, the county elected a new Sheriff, Paul Cantrell, and he recruited a small army of loyal deputies. The Sheriff’s bulletproof system came to an end with the surrender of the Axis, as 3,000 veterans (about 10% of the county’s population) returned to their home in McMinn County and soon formed the GI Non-Partisan League. Read more…

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La Sheriff: Dept Indictments a ‘sad Day’

↳ Posted on December 18th, 2013 by Ben Spera
L.A. Sheriff's Department indictments: 'Sad day,' Baca says
Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca said the charges against 18 current and former sworn officers on allegations of jail misconduct mark a "sad day" for the department, but he denied suggestions that it represents a larger, institutional problem.

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la_losangeles_county_sheriff-thumb-640xauto-4244Los Angeles law enforcement has a very well known reputation, a reputation that is known across the world. It’s known for being very corrupt and very violent. Nothing proved this more than the televised manhunt for former LAPD Officer Christopher Dorner. A ‘rogue’ officer, who’s main grievance was of department corruption, had all law enforcement for miles turn the greater Los Angeles area into a chaotic, lawless war zone. Officers repeatedly misidentified and shot innocent civilians with no repercussions or any sign of remorse. A recent report by the Los Angeles Times gives a very credible explanation as to why this is such a routine occurrence. Read more…

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Via Military Times:

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A Libertarian Case for Net Neutrality

Posted on January 25th, 2014 by Ben Spera

14137_large_net_neutralityAs a libertarian you may be uneasy with the concept of net neutrality. Like me, you feel inexplicably drawn to this neutrality but feel guilty for it. You think to yourself, “I’m a free-market libertarian, by God! Regulation is wrong! Why is my instinct betraying me?” It’s because we don’t live in perfect world. We live in an economy that is far from free and is infested with government regulations and corporate manipulation. The internet service industry is a picturesque example of this.
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Texas Man Caught with Horse Trying to Make a ‘horseman Baby’

Posted on March 13th, 2013 by Ben Spera

mendozaEarlier this year Andrew Mendoza, a 29 year old Texan from the community of Danevang, gave a statement to local law enforcement detailing his goal of making a ‘horseman baby’ with his neighbor’s horse. According to Mendoza, his girlfriend stood him up one night and wasn’t returning his phone calls so he wandered next door to his neighbors horse pen and got to work. Read more…


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