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harry This article caught my eye earlier this year but I haven’t seen anything more about it since. It captures a rare instant where England’s Prince Harry vents about his father harping on him about acting more like royalty. He explains that he struggles with perceiving himself as royalty while coming to terms with his actions in Afghanistan. This is unscripted honesty from someone who is usually handled and filtered. It also does a good job of humanizing someone I’m used to seeing act like a spoiled yuppie.

Source: The Guardian

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When veterans steps into a combat zone such as Iraq or Afghanistan they are stepping into uncharted territory. Upon returning from combat many times they find they are different. Often it is difficult to understand how they are different, but they know that they have changed. These lasting effects many times lead to self medication with alcohol and drugs, as well as violent outbursts and flashbacks which land the veteran in hot water with authorities. There are many judges and lawmakers, themselves veterans, who have seen this problem and are initiating a new program which institutes a separate court system for these cases. Recognizing that these brave men and women should not be lumped in with the rest of our country’s criminals, they have developed what they call Veterans Court. These courts give a presumption of leniency to these veterans in an effort to get them the help they need and return them to the productive, proud members of society they once were. These courts aim to prevent the alienation and out casting of combat veterans the United States saw during and after the Vietnam war, resulting in staggering amounts of veteran homelessness and suicide, forming of outlaw motorcycle gangs and illicit drug use. Read more…

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A Libertarian Case for Net Neutrality

Posted on January 25th, 2014 by Ben Spera

14137_large_net_neutralityAs a libertarian you may be uneasy with the concept of net neutrality. Like me, you feel inexplicably drawn to this neutrality but feel guilty for it. You think to yourself, “I’m a free-market libertarian, by God! Regulation is wrong! Why is my instinct betraying me?” It’s because we don’t live in perfect world. We live in an economy that is far from free and is infested with government regulations and corporate manipulation. The internet service industry is a picturesque example of this.
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The War Against Patched Motorcyclists

Posted on April 10th, 2012 by Ben Spera

A lot of this is nothing new, but it’s something that hit close to home for me because it’s local. Basically, a bunch of guys in a Motorcycle Club were cruising down the highway and they were pulled over. Big deal, right? Well this is the thing: not a single arrest or ticket was issued. Multiple police department participated in this action, so it was obviously preplanned, and to top it off the officers were armed with assault rifles. All this for a group of guys that they couldn’t even write a single ticket on.

What was the reason for pulling these motorcyclists over, other than to harass them? This whole militarization of the our civilian police force is concerning. These are American citizens not al-Qaeda. When our police force treats our own people the same as our military treats the enemy we have a serious problem.

Source: LancasterOnline


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